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WordPress 2.6 Released!

As of today, WordPress 2.6 “Tyner” is available for download on

It comes with

  • wiki-like tracking of edits,
  • a powerful “Press This!” bookmark,
  • support for Google Gears,
  • theme previews,
  • word count,
  • image captions,
  • etc. pp.

Here is a nice little video (courtesy of

[Update from later that day]
I have now updated my blog to the newest WordPress version 2.6, and so far, there does not seem to be a problem. I haven’t had the time yet to go over each and every post, and I think that ain’t gonna happen until Saturday the earliest, because tomorrow (actually: today – it is past midnight), I AM GONNA SEE R.E.M. IN BERLIN – yeah, baby!

The only plugin i found making some trouble is WP-PostRatings by Lester Chan. I guess it has to do with it being developed for PHP5. The “get_highest_rated()” template functions causes some problems, so I have taken it from my “Blog Info” page.

OK, then, leave your own experiences with WordPress 2.6 as a comment, I you like.

[A little later]
OK, I must admit I HATE IT that WordPress uses Google Blogsearch for the incoming links. I’d rather go back to Technorati, but I do not know how. Under WordPress 2.3.3, I could use the Nusuni Technorati Links WordPress Plugin – but that does no longer seem to work in 2.6 – as well as this plugin on… HELP… I loved the Technorati incoming links source!!!

[Wwwaaayyy later]
A lot of people seem to have problems with the permalinks again (e.g. see this post in the WordPress support forum. I had the same problem: posts were fine, but pages only showed a 404 error. Then I followed the suggestion and put “category” and “tag” in the optional fields… did not work. In total agony I deactivated all the plugins and updated the permalinks – and that worked!!! After reactivating all plugins again, everything seems fine. I really need some decent sleep now – and I really deserve it! :-)

[Even wwwaaayyy later]
WTF? I described how I found a solution, and then, after editing this post, the pages were broken again and I had to do the same thing AGAIN??? C’mon guys, fix this quickly, PLEASE!?! :-( At least – after the same procedure – it seems to work now… I’m out, need sleep… zzzzzzzz….

[Update from 2008-09-08]

  1. Found out that Dean’s Permalink Migration Plugin is making some trouble, also after updating a page (posts work fine, though). Hmm, let’s wait and see… maybe I’ll just contact the author.
  2. After WordPress 2.6.1 was released on August 15th, 2008, which was not a mandatory update for those where it worked fine (see this official blog post), there has been a security issue which now makes the update to WordPress 2.6.2 – released on September 8th, 2008 – mandatory (see this official blog post).

[Update from 2008-10-24]

There has been a vulnerability issue with the Snoopy class, so WordPress 2.6.3 has been released. Actually, the update to a new version was never been easier: you just need to replace two files.

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  • Ruhani Rabin

    Hi I’ve hit the same problem with technorati incoming links and tried to do some modifications on the 1 core WordPress 2.6 file. You can visit my page if you would like to know more. Its not perfect but does the job.

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