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How To Correctly Spell “WordPress”

Right from the beginning, I spelled this nice blogging software I use “Wordpress” with a small “p”. The more I searched the internet for blogging-related stuff, I came across the correct spelling “WordPress” with a capital “P”. That was already a long time ago. But as I had also already written a few posts that I didn’t want to change (which I wouldn’t have known how to do at that point, anyway – even if I had wanted to), I continued spelling it in the wrong way – at least, I am pretty persistent when it comes to continuity. :-)

A while ago, I suddenly stumbled across A Plugin to Correctly Spell WordPress. Not Wordpress. Not Word Press that made me change my opinion: yes, right, it is spelled WordPress, not Wordpress.

But instead of installing another plugin (I already have more than enough running), I looked for a way to change the spelling within the WP database – as well in the post title as in the post content.

This site inspired me how to do it via SQL.

For the post title:

UPDATE `wp_posts` SET post_title = replace(post_title,"(wrong spelling)","WordPress");

For the post content:

UPDATE `wp_posts` SET post_content = replace(post_content,"(wrong spelling)","WordPress");

You should be cautious not to overwrite any links. If e.g. you have always spelled it “wordpress” before, then I think that also “” would be affected and changed into “” in the post content – even if it is defined within an HTML link tag. Unfortunately, I do not have a solution for that. As I have always started links with a small “w” and the actual name with a capital “W”, it seems to have worked fine for me!

Now, the only thing for me to do is to remember to spell “WordPress” correctly in each new post. If you still find a wrong spelling, don’t hesitate to contact me.

In my first attempt, I got confused and used [...] post_content = replace(post_title [...] – which replaced the content of every post with the post title! So remember to always backup your data first (luckily, I did)!

[Update from 2010-06-24]

Interesting… after a long time, I read my articles again to see if – after all the updates and theme changes – everything is still OK. In this very article here, even the incorrectly spelled version with the small “p” that I needed for the SQL code was all of a sudden spelled correctly with a capital “P”… Actually, you now need a trick to spell it incorrectly (like e.g. setting the small “p” between “strong”-tags to make it bold or use the “span”-tag without the style attribute). Have they built in a automatic correction into the WordPress core (3.0)?

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