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Thank you so much, WordPress!

I love WordPress!

Over a year has passed now since I first installed WordPress.

I know, it is supposed to be written WordPress, but I forgot that at the beginning – and now I do not want to change all my old posts, so I am gonna stick with WordPress.

Hopefully, the community does not mind. :-)

Some time around July 2006, Tim told me about this wonderful server-based software that makes your life so much easier, and so I thought I should give it a try. He himself started using WordPress a week after I wrote my first post – and since then, we have been a mutual inspiration to each other.

Critics say (or should I say: only Tim says) that this WordPress blog here consists more of plugin-related stuff than anything else – well, I must admit that the search query “plugin” shows about 23% of all my posts at this time – hey, but that is not too bad, is it? That leaves 77% other stuff! :-)

But I must admit that it is not that easy to write interesting articles that make people want to kill only to subscribe to your feeds. Remember: there are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there… why is anyone supposed to visit yours?

Well, here are 3 examples of blog writers who seem to have found out what good articles are all about:

Well, let’s see where this blogging will lead me. At least, I am very happy to got to know WordPress, because now I am really interested in PHP and MySQL.

And who knows: maybe I will write a nice little plugin myself one day… :-)

So, once again:
thank you, WordPress, for a wonderful blogging experience!

[Update from 2008-07-15]

If I had only known how easy it is to update the database – now every Wordpress has become WordPress, I hope.

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