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Published on January 1st, 1970 @ 10:00:00 AM (UTC +1000)
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Incomplete Feeds When Using Post Pagination

Recently, I discovered the beautiful <!–nextpage–> tag with which you can split your posts into two or more pages (see the WordPress Codex for more information on this). Since some posts in my Migrating To Australia Diary were a little long for just one page, this tag came in pretty handy. After implementing this tag into one of the posts (which worked fine), I realized that the RSS feed of my blog now only showed the first page of that multipage post, without any comment or hint that only one page was shown to the readers of the feed. This is certainly not the way it should be, because that way, some readers might miss out on things if they only read the feed. I posted this problem on the … Read entire article »


eMail To Vodafone AU

Just wrote this self-explanatory eMail to Vodafone AU. I am so upset about the way they treat their customers. In addition, they advertise free Twitter access and still charge me for using it. Dear Vodafone Support-Team, since I have been on hold on your hotline for over 40 minutes now, I can as well use the time that I have to listen to the music to simultaneously write you a complaint email. I am still being charged for accessing Twitter from my mobile, although I did exactly as I was told. I am using a Nokia 6303 Classic. To acces Twitter, I go to Menu -> Internet -> Bookmarks, where I have saved as … Read entire article »

WordPress 3.0.4 Released!

After the latest 3.0.3 release of WordPress 3 weeks ago, an importing security issue has been fixed with version 3.0.4, quoting: Version 3.0.4 of WordPress (…) is a very important update to apply to your sites as soon as possible because it fixes a core security bug in our HTML sanitation library, called KSES. I would rate this release as “critical.” (end of quote) As usual, you can download the latest version from the official WordPress download page on … Read entire article »

iPhone 4 Or HTC Desire HD? [iOS Versus Android]

Since I am now new in Australia and not bound to a contract anymore, I am thinking about what my next mobile phone will be. I do not think I am the typical BlackBerry user. It’s definitely going to be a smartphone. I always liked the iPhone, especially with the new enhancements of the iPhone 4, but since the sale of Android-driven smartphones seems to increase permanently (see this post for instance), maybe I’ll get one of those, since it seems to be a lot more open than the iOS when it comes to apps. The HTC Desire HD caught my attention: A new iPhone 4 (32GB) without contract would be AU$999 from the Apple … Read entire article »

Shopping In Down Under

Thought I’d just recommend some (online) shops for people living in or migrating to Australia so they can profit from my experiences. So far, I find Dymocks to be the best store for books. You can order online or buy in one of their many retail stores. There is one close to where I live, so I decided to choose that one as my new book store. Just like Amazon, you can create wishlists, which was very important to me, since I like to keep a list of interesting books. You can also become a Booklovers member, which means that you get a rewards card to collect points whenever you buy there. So far, it … Read entire article »

WordPress 3.0.3 Released!

After publishing a new release of WordPress (version 3.0.2) on November 30th, the authors have now released version 3.0.3 on December 8th, quoting: This release fixes issues in the remote publishing interface, which under certain circumstances allowed Author- and Contributor-level users to improperly edit, publish, or delete posts. These issues only affect sites that have remote publishing enabled. (end of quote) As usual, you can download the latest version from the official WordPress download page on … Read entire article »

Redeeming An iTunes Code In Australia

Today, JB Hi-Fi Australia had a huge “20% off CDs/DVDs/Games” sale where I purchased the combo pack of “Inception”, which includes DVD + Blu-Ray + Free Digital Copy Code for your iTunes (as well as a comic booklet, if you choose the right one). I tried to redeem the code using my normal (German) user account, which wouldn’t work, since the DVD was bought in Australia, so the code would only apply in the Australian or New Zealand shop of iTunes. I tried to change my account to Australia, but that didn’t work, since I needed an Australian credit card. I almost gave up, thinking “I can still do this as soon as I have … Read entire article »

WordPress 3.0.2 Released!

There is a new release of WordPress (version 3.0.2 ) available. The authors claim this to be a mandatory update, since it (quoting) fixes a moderate security issue that could allow a malicious Author-level user to gain further access to the site (…) (end of quote) You can download the latest version from the official WordPress download page on … Read entire article »

G’day From Melbourne

Well, it is not as easy as I thought to keep two blogs about “down under” up to date. That is why my German blog will probably get priority over this one – meaning that I will probably report in smaller doses here. After my family and friends said good-bye to us at the Frankfurt airport last Thursday, our first aim was Singapore, where we arrived approximately 13 hours after take-off in Frankfurt. After 2 hours waiting time at the Singapore airport, it took us another 6.5 hours to arrive at Tullamarine airport in Melbourne, Australia. Everything went quite smoothly – we had only 74 kg luggage altogether, which gave us an emergency reserve of … Read entire article »

Off To Australia – For Good!

This might be the last time I am writing something onto this blog in Germany. At around midnight, I will be on the Qantas plane to Melbourne – with a one way ticket! I only just managed to set up my new German blog, – so, if you are German and you are interested in how Australia appears to one, have a look at it. I don’t quite now how I am going to handle blog posts about Australia on two different blogs (one in English and one in German)… but you will find English posts under this page/category named “Down Under”. Hope we’ll stay in touch – I’ll certainly miss the one or … Read entire article »